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tv   [untitled]    February 26, 2015 3:00am-3:31am PST

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he increase if the city saw a surcharge well, the city saw a surcharge anyone that lived and works here sees the wealth and airbnb to may they're back tacks thanks to the supervisors it is a decent surcharge too so the question becomes what a our local government if they refuse to honor a vote why should the workers or others trust any what the board of supervisors say the nonprofit workers are broke and san francisco is not what's the rational and the argument against the egregious supplemental we haven't is that heard when we have heard from supervisor avalos and supervisor mar about their support if there are doubt or opposition i'd love
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pubically for those supervisors to state why they don't that this is a good idea or why the full board should have a chance to voted on something they've agreed to in august the silence is very troubling and concerning physical evidence i mean i was a nonprofit working now a union representative for 10 to one it is difficult we see the city change and we see our jobs stay the same it is very important we get this money and something you all ready agreed to. >> hi gm supervisors i'm natalie marital i'm the elected leader of e pi you local 2 thank you for time and support supervisor mar and supervisor avalos i want
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to talk about the forgets in the nonprofit community being that k346b9 left out in the cold at the city grows financially and grows in prosperity you may not be aware 80 percent of our members those who are on the front line providing the homeless services are formerly high schools folks or experienced it sometime in in your lives for many workers that are giving back as part off their employment it is part of the cycle of the recovering from homelessness it is important their wamdz are increasing and kept on a scale to afford to live and not reenter homelessness we appreciated our sport and ask the full board to approve the additional .75 percent since it was agreed to
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thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good morning, supervisors ass i thank you for your remarks i you know start with that conversation about the budget, of course, you think we're asking you support 4.5 percent increase into the that whole budget as october we have stepped up to the plate ought to be a homeless again and those me myself when i first came to the san francisco budget & finance committee in the 87 after living in central america agency we're studying in the ground floor we won in the church since then i've been doing work with the homeless population i see myself
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being you know a treat to be homeless again, the issue here is that we the workers, you know who do our job you know everyday it has been increased all the expenses in the city the rent is going higher every year the landlords send us a letter and the rent is increased every year we're paying for 90 for public transportation and 0 sour basis in the food and binging food it more expensive every year we ask you to increase 4.5 percent in the budget so our lives and people serving so we can be proud of the community services not only to homeless population but to the workers you know they
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recognize you know where we coming from what we do and thank you so much. >> i'm going to call a few more names. >> i'm - >> thank you (calling names) >> next speaker. >> thank you. good morning supervisors thank you supervisor mar and supervisor avalos for the supportive message you began with there's not a lot i can add to that i think you hit the needs for funding i work with o p he e i u representing the nonprofit workers at the shelter in the city city the employment programs art programs and outreach programs that serve the
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poor and worker folks i want to say that one when we talk about the unfinished business i want you to understand supervisors this is ongoing business it is not something we needed to just take care of last year the acquit in the population served by the in time organizations continues to grow and as i heard both the supervisors who spoke say the based of folks seeking services will continue to grow as the wealth gap in the city continues to extended this is a problem and an ongoing problem and i'm going to ask you to address that with the additional funding today the other point i have wanted to make is something we've heard many garcia said that is the increased acquit so not only are
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the financial situation they're being asking to continually do more and over e offer more services to a wider formation so our support right now and ongoing i ask you to move forward thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good morning, supervisors. i'm josh rhine at the scene work inform the hospitality house and member a local i appreciate the comments by supervisor mar and supervisor avalos i wanted to quickly speak on the rate of burn out with the employees with the agencies we go in willing to see the least with the add stress of the employees having to deal with the strugglers how will i pay rent and provide for
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my family and the commuter costs with the prices rising and with burn out comes employees dropping out of the agency you lose the relationships of people coming through the doors when this happens there less potential for many, many people in the city who are on the streets to get a positive front and back effect in their lives for the potential you know to take a step forward in the russ johnson with arbitrate more going to employee wages that will help reduce the stressed that comes with the work neal and enables people to work as a stronger person to help and i
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hope that the increase happens so thank you, again. >> thank you for osgood points. >> next speaker. >> hello supervisors thank you to the supervisors for putting this on the agenda i work to the nonprofit housing clinic i might as well be speaking for all the nonprofits i'm a union janitor i deal with feces and blood in a with that my job is not glamour reduce it's a job i voted and he voted for all of you what we're asking for is not much you guys can pass this legislation i'll appreciate it. >> thank you. next speaker. >> i'm jessie a residential
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council for a program we receive folks from the va and we support clients over a months transition to more did not living there are concerns i want to comment on when the supplemental was introduced last year and this workers when the funding was secure a lot of folks were surprised to find out the funding was in limbo the members of the board xhesz expressed the reason for not doing so they can't count on the board to continue the annual quotes and not supporting this i heard the members of the board to talk about the long term fix we've heard that for a long, long time it sounds like supporting a sandwich by
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opposing meat so we're concerned around did funding being passed to the supplemental as other services have been passed through supplementals it is confusing when we as the city is thinking we're supporting one but hallowing out another is making us stronger we're critiquing the budget we're not asking for add back fund or this is an opportunity tour the members of the board to go on record supporting the nonprofit workers the point we support and the agencies thank you. >> i'm going to call a few more names
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(calling names). >> those are all the cards i have. >> next speaker. >> hi my name is eileen engross i work for connecticut arrested house a nonprofit housing program for almost 12 years my coworkers and i were cats manager's provided needed services for the formerly homeless meanwhile we receive much lower wage than other workers because of us that there are fewer people on the street and in the hospitals and in jail as a result the city is saving money
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i've lived in san francisco myself for almost 40 years and have seen many changes both go and bad one of the bad thing is the 2nd increase in the cost of living particularly the high cost of rent medium income in the city is almost $58,000 and my coworkers and i receive slightly more than half of that a large part of my gloria killian income goes to rent and if not for rent control i wouldn't live in san francisco at all interest it is only fair that some of the budget surcharge from 2014 be used for funding for nonprofit and raidss for nonprofit workers as promised by this board of supervisors justice for the workers who have to make the city a better place for everyone to live thank you.
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>> thank you. next speaker. >> board of supervisors my name is nick jenkins. >> please pull the microphone closer to our mouth mr. jenkins. >> i'm an employee of the tenderloin housing clinic to keep people housed what we have their situation some of the residents have mental illness those are people are not well we provide a place for home as a desk collect i keep resident safe and make people comfortable i have to enforce the rules some accept and so resent i'm a residential manager with the clinic which is an unpaid position that allows me to stay
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in the city free i'm also on the clock if i didn't have this position i couldn't afford to live in the city over the years i've seen how funding shortages have hurt our resident we can't maintain the facility and often storages are supplies staffing shortages will make that harder for me to do my job and make sure the residents feel safe in july the board passed a resolution that loud the nonprofit if there's a surcharge the city has the money it's hard to ask for something you feel you've been owed for a long time last year the employees got 3 percent and auditors got a 2.6 percent raise i hope we continue
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to serve the community and make it a better place for all residents thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> i work for a process foundation and edge wood a center for children and families and volunteer at the municipal family services after working in the corporate world and understanding numbers beyond why it is a big deal to pass n this something that's been promised and that takes common sense on top of that the city has punched more acquit onto the nonprofit we're consistently not funding the hospital and less beds we don't have the manpower
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to deal with things we can't handsome we don't have the manpower to handle those kinds of things those are not dealing with numbers but happening because they can get away with it we want to help no matter who comes through the doors we try to help everyone such as we can and we want to continue to do that we need you guys help. >> thank you. next speaker. >> mr. chairman supervisors, my name is tony medina i'm proud to work for car mount cash in san francisco it provides a good service for our city i think you, your fair hearted and fair-minded people
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you're going to pass this resolution you promised i would i just want to add that in my short time remaining that the previous jailhouse phone calls i hope you would allow 3 phone calls a week free for inmates because you know the burden is not on the enemies but their families that have to pay so thank you for your attention. >> thank you. next speaker. >> i work for a nonprofit organization i work for clay house in alternative to institutionaltion clients from jail and hospitals and ultimately save the city a lot
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of money we keep people out of hospitals the residential treatment program we really don't think on the 7.5 percent there i hope you'll fulfill our promise and thank you for your time. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good morning. i'm helping helen a residential council for families and which were we serve the kids with emotional disturbances and one of the primary reasons people feel they can't stay longer than pass of the low wajdz we get paid. >> ma'am you said tlrtsdz an average of one year per staff. >> i think the average is 9 months. >> thank you and one of the
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primary reasons is for the low was this and the supplemental money will be able to pay workers more and they'll stay longer than and it's good for the workers and the kids they receive the most benefits from the seasoned employees so, please pass the supplemental money thank you. >> thank you i'm going to call the last card here if there's anyone else that want to speak fill out a card. >> next speaker. >> hi my name is stephanie i work for the edge wood for families after 3 years i'm up to you made $23,000 i have a bachelor of science and this is not compatible to poverty at this point
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you know, i view hard work and get paid little it matters to me but it seems like it matters to 09 people we have to fight for this is insulting that we are making so little to the population we're severing we can't be given a raise we don't get even though raise because our funding is low and our we serve clients we can't keep people it's really sad i want to bring up in california computer software engineers have their own minimum wage but we don't the minimum wage in the city of san francisco is late better than other place but not a living wage and your competing with software engineers that make 3, 4, $5 an hour i have the
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same educational background and doing things that falls into the categories and make you know 4 to ten times what i make they make this is a no brainier this is that we pass it on and push harder because this is not fair you know i'm i work hard i want to see change happen thank you for a hearing i notice a lot of and eye contract this time thank you. >> (clapping.) i'm ken choi the chief executive officer in richmond and have multiple services a mental health agency in san francisco i'd like to share my story about the cost of living in the current fiscal year the job market is a influence there is a
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staff turnover to codify the candidates city employees usually get paid much better than my agency can pay people left to go to work inform the city affordable health care will occur diversity costs under the san francisco health care security audience represent and utility which is come - and the prices has gone up significantly on the other hand, we expect san francisco minimum wage audience will have an impact not only on the wajdz of the employee earning below the minimum wage but people coming earning 13 or
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$14 an hour so we really appreciated if the city can give an increase to compensate for the higher costs. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good morning. i'm karen i'm a community organizer nor the industry collaborative part of the tenderloin housing client beyond the scope i need to reiterate the difficult of the work people do we work with the lowest income on people with displacement or avoiding displacement i'll agree with the last speakers the organization sees a lot of turn over as the result of the lower wages it is an absorb it the low workers
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will get the lottery increase for the jobs i thank you for your ongoing support and hope you'll continue to unnecessarily our clarifications in the right districts. >> i'm even though executive director of delores street a nonprofit in the mission district that provides homeless services and legal services i repeating really want to thank you supervisor mar for your leadership this is critical to our city it will start to address the issue but i agree it is a long term issue that needs additional resources and more attention from you all as well as the mayor we face a numerous challenges when we're hiring we have the shelter monitoring and the nurses assistant it get paid from 12 to $14 an hour many of
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the staff can't afford to live in san francisco for vallejo it puts a burden and many people i've spoken to so hiring and retaining staff is a big concern and definitely impacts our clients and impacts the city and others services the city provides i also want to mention a challenge that i know is maybe beyond the scope of the hearings we receive a number of contract that are federal funding that have been flat funded for lower city contracts if there's something that the city can do to address that city i know there's 09 challenges fits the reality we're dealing with that also does not enable us to keep with the health care costs and all the other increasing costs
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so really appreciate our consideration without many of our services expensive things will go up. >> thank you, ms. >> i work for the health client we do the go health serviced so 6 years i've been in this work in the city we had support important the hotels people and most at risk for as long as i've been at any of the agrees i have a comprehensive staff and seen cuts we see nonprofits getting increases and this moment i realizing realize in the absence of a cost of living increase not only the absence of an increase is is cut
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because everything is getting more expensive this past beyond a reasonable doubt people are displayed out of the tenderloin and sow we werelism hotels ourselves and were almost not able to find a home because of the fear of the neighborhood but one of the things we helped them understand the services that concludes my report is actually making things better; right? if we are actually able to help people things get better we haven't had issues with the neighborhood part of our move involves a lot of expenses we applied for the nonprofit displacement fund which actually didn't cover half of the expenses we're hurting we're really hurting and the 15.75 can do a little bit to help that we need the retina
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supplement so we're not here fighting we can't be trickling down and carter to the wealthiest we need to start at the bottom and list everyone up thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good morning. my name is is a emma i'm with the sciu 1021 thank you for having this hearing i want to say it, it's true that nonprofit workers can't survive on the 1.25 the reality the $3. million will come in like that with the city worker raises that the city workers represented by 26 unit including sciu 1021 and 4 thousand workers the reality is
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that, of course city workers make you know much more of a living go wage and have great benefits and our nonprofit workers should have it, too it's a total inequality another point i want to bring up again private contractors with the city have those awkward increases from the contract and payroll some have a calculation ♪ there to have a for profit in the contract so this is a complete enequality between the nonprofits and the for profits contractors and the reality is the work percentage your members do they serve the hotels and help people find houshdz they're open the front lines of the constitutional rights and our workers what we see our workers really struggling and having to


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